Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lady Bugs, Care Bears and Lots of Love

New baby boy in town!
Azura and Zam welcomed their second baby boy "Haziq Ryan Zahin" into their family on 11.10.08. To celebrate the new arrival of their baby, we had x SIGS gals get together yesterday at Azura's place in Subang Permai. Irnee and myself made special "get together favor" with a simple paper sack embellished with doily, ribbon and blue red origami lady bugs stuffed with cupcake & cookies. My dearest Irnee from "Sugar High Bakers" baked her scrumptious specialty - dates cupcakes. She added royal icing monogram on top of the cupcakes, while I made hand decorated cut-out sugar cookies with stick.

Pastel Care Bear Love cookies with H monogram for baby Haziq.

Although this is my 1st time, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. Found my heart and bear shape cookie cutter which I bought during my stay in US.
Haaaaaaaaaa and here's my little helper sneaking into a picture of all the decorated cookies. He had fun thou!

Fun things : A simple cookie can be personalized with the recipient’s name or a simple message or ornately decorated with dots, swirls and curls. Birthday, teacher's day, mother's day, father's day, wedding, and any day that you can think of... : )

Personalized Cookies : Min. order 15, price starts from RM1 per cookie (depending on the design)
Personalized Party Bag : Min. order 15, price starts from RM1 per bag (depending on the design too)

Mamma Me'A is just a click away!

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