Friday, November 28, 2008

House of Bears, Rabbits & Dragonflies

Mashimaro for Doris. Happy Birthday dear.

From wikipedia, Mashimaro
(마시마로) is a Koren fictional character who resembles a fat rabbit, created by Kim Jae In (김재인). Hugable and lovable rabbit isn't it?

Doris's birthday cake without Mashimaro. Alice and Nasser...make sure you guys put all the 3 Mashimaros onto the cake tonite. Have a great time par-tayyyyy @ The Mist Bangsar! I will drop by for a while...

Last minute request from hubby...4 white bears for birthday gals n boy today.

Today is my last day in Optimedia. Gonna miss all great wacky people there. Sob...sob...sob.
Hopefully our paths will cross again someday...Thanks for everything and stay in touch!

Mamma Me'A is just a click away!


THE COUNT said...

yeah we had a blast tat nite and Doris likes the cake soo much (me too)...

aih rose, i started to feelin the absence of u guys (i wont used word 'miss' coz it sounded pussy to me). all the stress and the fun we all had in Opti together with coolest ppls of Starcom/mvest and IP (the coolest only)

Im the first to come Opti and the last one to go just like Commander in a Battlefield.

Aih...wished u all the best and always be happy


Rose said... touched!
me more wacky jokes from both of u and the rest of opti/starcom ip...darn!
am wishing that one day we could work together again...same office...same people...same jokes!
sob sob sob : (