Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweets for my sweet...sugar for my honey...

A birthday delivery from Dr Ekin (Penang) to her sister in Gombak.
Thanks Ekin...and to Uda - Happy Birthday!

Theme : Hot & white
Embellishments : Handcrafted pink & white fondant blossoms & LoVe sprinkles...SWEET!
Cupcake : Buttermilk chocolate (my all time favorite, truly truly reminds me of chitty chitty bang bang)

Delivery box with a birthday note written on doily.

And ta-daaa!!!!!! Little Mashimaro sat snugly with little gift.

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Cik Khasnor said...

ni Dr. Ekin from penang kawan nizam ek? wahh...dapat order dr penang nampak! kita boleh beli penang lah camni...haha..penang dlm tangan!

Ekin said...

cupcakes tu sggt commellll!!! my sis like it sooo much. yg lain pon jeles. hehe..thank you mama mea for ur excellent service! =)

Rose - Mamma Me'A said...

It's my pleasure...terima kasih : ) phewwww

Cik Khasnor - jb bila lagi?

saRah said...

lawanye cupcake nih. Anor, buat la kat jb. leh aku order byk2. hehe.

Rose - Mamma Me'A said...

camne anor? ada berani hehehehe

Sarah - anor ni activiti harian dia banyak sangat