Saturday, January 31, 2009

Because the world loves cupcakes

'All you need is love'
Cupcakes order from Nur Zabella as a engagement gift to her dearest cousin.
Theme : Red, pink & white with lots of hearts
awwwww...engagement couple Mashimaro, his and hers

'Is it spring already?'
Well... I was in the mood to sprinkle rainbow of colors on these cupcakes.
The order came from a friend of my dearest sister in JB.

Love the color mishmash and I bet the kids will love 'em. Reminded me of what Boulder CO may have looked like in spring, where I studied, worked, played & strolled for 2 years...

Hand made bunnies (used edible food writer) and flowers

'Happy birthday Alia & Fatima, you are eight & eleven'
Grazzie to Cienai for these was a last minute order and being the fact that my mobile gave me problems...sigh (sorry ye Cienai), I'm glad that I managed to fulfill her request.
Theme : Brink Pink for Alia

Theme : Wisteria Lilac for Fatima

Theme : Multihued & fun

Oh my...that's my "ready to lend a hand" packaging boy...

Mamma Me'A is just a click away!

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