Friday, April 10, 2009

Booby trap cake = Aznol got punk'd!

psstt....Sorry mum & dad, this is 18 SX entry. first naughty cake.
Last minute boobies cake request from Nasser, the night before "THE DAY".
Idea came from Lynda...who wanted the cake to be as yucky as possible.
Hehehhe...sorry guys tried to do that but i can't : P

Happy Breastday Aznol. You rock!

OMG! You just got punk'd!

Nasser, Michelle, Edhir, Michelle, Aznol, Yvonne, Lynda, Remus & me.
Great night ,great fun!

Mamma Me'A is just a click away!


Miss Farina said...

hahaha.. that's funny how you could also make prank cake..

Rose - mammamea said...

yes...our dear friend blushed when he saw the cake : P
it was a good one