Friday, March 19, 2010

2 is better than 1

It was a perfect day for an engagement ceremony for my dearest sister Khasnor and her fiance Helmi. I was given less than a month to plan and prepare the event...yikes!!! pleased with everything that I planned, all turned out well : D

Date :

10.01.10 (Sunday)

Time :

2.30pm till 5pm

Pastel color palette :
Lavender, green, pink and white


Flowers :
White roses, green orchids, calla lilies, lilac caspia purple statice & baby's breath

The Hantaran :

9 dulang (Fondant cake, cupcakes, Al-Quran & sejadah, fruits, sampin, kain baju melayu, mixed nuts & raisins, sirih junjung (some people called it bunga junjung LOL) and chocolates.
Did these from 6.30am till 10am...phewwww

My sister is so crazy about the FB's Lexulous word game

Went to Singapore at 12 midnite and we get these...LOL

Modern and simple hantaran cake with cascading flowers

Main dishes :
White rice and varieties of lauk pauk (fried chicken, rojak, daging rendang etc)

Desserts :
Pineapple upside down cake (by me), vanilla cupcakes (by me), talam keladi, seri muka, cream puffs, agar-agar telur gula melaka (my mom made this) & fruits

Light green and lavender mini cupcakes for guests

Favor :
Handmade green & lavender pentagon boxesStuffed with choc chip and caramel nestum cookies...yummm yummmm...super dupper yummy

Idlan & Izzati

-all's well that end's well-


SoFiA.opY said...

omg omg!im ur big fan n tak sangka u pon org kampung melayu??


ke i super confident?


oh insyaAllah boleh tempah my wedding cake kat u nanti.yeeehaaaaaa ;)

Cik Khas said...

Awwwwwwwww!!!! TQ mrs wedding planner!

Rose @ Mamma Me'A said...

yes...100% org kg melayu...kalau boleh one day nak resides forever n ever kat sana