Saturday, June 12, 2010

For Sale : Cake Stands By "Sweet House of Mine"

White porcelain cake stands are waiting for you...

Chic pedestal cake stand
Size : 12 inch, tall 4 inch
RM45 each
(4 available)

Pedestal cake stand with scallop edge
Size : 13 inch, tall 4 inch
(1 reserved till 4th Jan)

So start using cake stands more often. They can be used for so many different things other than just a cake/cupcakes/desserts stand. It can be used to hold candles, to raise decorations and also make a pretty centerpiece too...

Fabulous dessert table by Amy Atlas

Wow...never thought of this idea...simply chic
Credit :

Creative wedding centerpiece
Credit :

Dahlia spheres by Sweet Paul
Aren't these gorgeous!

Interested to make it yours, please email me : D


EmilyC said...

is this cake stand still available?

Anonymous said...

cake stand ni masih dujual lagi ke?

nurul said...

cake stand ni masih dijual lagi ke?

Cristine Sandigan said...

Are you in the Philippines?
How much is the pink cake pedestal?
Please email me the price at or

Anonymous said...

cake stand stil available or not? any other cake stand style? Send me the sample with the price.quickly I need it as soon as possible.

Mel said...

I am looking for cake stand and wondering are you still in operating for selling cake stand? You can email me at

Flordilizza Elex said...

hi email me for the price...

Wan abdul rahman said...

Is the 13 inch cake stand still available? Please reply to Thanks

Munira Amir said...

Pedestal cake stand with scallop edge
Size : 13 inch, tall 4 inch

masih ada stock lagi ke?