Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eeny Meeny Miney Moe

Handmade Button & Felt wedding bouquet

Perfect pairs & buttons 2-tier hantaran cake,

inspired by Erica O'brien cake design

Handmade paper flowers (close to 500 pieces), took us months to make the flowers, and took us 3 days to assemble this CHIC white pelamin : )

The groom and bride...Helmi & Khasnor

10 December 2010

Kg Melayu Majidi, Johor Bahru

The "tak cukup tido' wedding planner with the bridezilla...hehehehee

Special note : This is just a hobby, not a service I offer. You may want to google "how to make paper flowers"...long list of crafters showing paper flowers tutorial/step by step instruction : )


wawa pucca said...



tiana said...

salam mamma me'a.

indeed i was really, really impressed with the amazingly beautiful work. masyaAllah cantiknya :')

i am really hoping that you could email me as well regarding this matter. pretty please? hihi. thanks so much!

ana said...

ish2..gila cantik..blh ajar x cmne nk buat ni?tersangat la kagum

blh x ajar cmne nk nk

Asmah said...

Hi Mamma Me'a,

I tengah mencari kedai jual kertas tissue paper untuk create my own paper pelamin. Can you please share with me where did u buy all the papers please.

Kindly e-mail me at

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello mamma me'a,

i really admire this pelamin.. wish i could have one!!! would you mind to email me the price for this pelamin deco.... plzzzz

looking forward for your reply :)

A L said...

waa.. nice and gorgeous! may i see the full picture of this pelamin? and the quotation. my akad insyaAllah is on 31st march this year @ klang.

do contact me at


Anonymous said...

hi.. so adore ur art work..
i nak tnya.. i dah try buat flower paper ni, but mcm mana nk lekat kan kat wall? u guna gam apa ye? boleh x tolong ajar mcm mana u assamble kat wall utk buat pelamin?

hope u rep. really need your help!!

Anonymous said...

Hi..lawa sgt pelamin..
i pn nk DIY jgk..mjlis bln sept 2012. cume i still wonder cmne u stickkn bunge2 tu kt wall tu..wall tu gne ape,,n nk lkt2 kn bunge2 tu,u u ltk ape ye..??

klu leh pls send ur info to '' or pm my fb ''..

thnx byk2...=)


Anonymous said...

cantik sgt2 ur artwork!!sweet&lovely :)
i pn nk tau how u stick they diy flower to wall so that wall xrosak. share please
thx a lot!~

nad said...

can u pls share how u place the paper flower on the wall?
really admire ur job! so creative!

pls email me at