Friday, July 10, 2009

Labor of Love...chapter 1

It was a very hectic June I must say. It's wedding season, lots of orders and the most exhilarating things that I did was to plan my brother's wedding. Being a wedding planner was not an easy job...for the past weeks before the wedding, my life was chaotic - juggling between office work, orders, house chores, handling family etc.

But it was a LABOR of LOVE.

A lot of effort, strength & love were put into this project. Challenging and most interesting and I'm pleased with the end result. It was all worth it!
Thanks to my husband who are always & always patient with me and always provide me with 100% support and love, also to my sister, my mom & dad and to all other siblings & their partners.

The wedding hantaran, 7 dulang in total.
Garlanded with contemporary & elegant arranged posies of white gerberas, sweet william & mums. No roses this time around, don't get me wrong, roses are beautiful but I think we should give other flowers a chance, right?

2 in 1 hantaran - "wonderland confections"
Two tiered hantaran cake, chic contemporary motif (inspired by Real Simple's 3-D doilies cake) that matched the hantaran theme.

Top cake drapped with fondant doilies shape, and bottom cake embellished with sugar petite flowers to create lace details. And not to forget, Hershey Kisses assembled ontop of the cake.

"To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others"
Anne-Sophie Swetchine (Real Simple)

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esca said...

uniknya kek fondant then atas tu choc..sangat cantikk

Rose - Mamma Me'A said...

tq Esca