Saturday, July 11, 2009

Labor of Love...chapter 2

Lovebirds ... tying the knot!
Chic topper to celebrate the big day.

Something simple, clean & nontraditional for the wedding reception cake creation. Simple but still eye-catching & has a hint of dramatic detailing.
Hence, the Black & Maroon color palettes were chosen, incredibly chic and elegant.

Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful moments...This couple? No no no...this one married for almost 10 years already

Marhaban yaaa marhaban

Incoming guests...ayah & mama dah super-busy

Ghazal from Yayasan Warisan Johor

Mamma mia, here I go again. My my, how can I resist you?

Kompang team from Kg Sri Merlong Rengit (kampung ayah)...their beat and presentation is beyond different

Di renjis-renjis di pilis

The wedding bouquet made by Moi' (pronounce as mu-waa) - passion palette, a bull's eye bouquet.
White carnations in its outer rings, then baby's breath, followed by red berries and a Bull's-Eye center of pink roses.

Our beloved sedara-mara doing rewang - packing 'berkat' (nasi minyak + paceri nenas + lauk) for guests.
Jawa style!

The iconic Carrie Bradshaw's (Sex and The City) flower accessories...wish I can get bigger ones! : P

Testing two three...flower girl rehearsal (all are my cuzzies)...faster 'kipas' please

Makan Damai - simply delectable! Prepared by our auntie.

Mouthwatering traditional Malay gourmet

'Ambo-ambo' session, fun time for kids.
Johor's tradition...whereby the bride and groom throw coins and sweets.
Am very proud of the flower girls...they stay behaved during the entire ceremony.
Nasib baik tak join rebut duit & gula2..LOL

Mamma mia, now I really know,
My my, I could never let you go.

"The Kamdi Bunch"
3 done...3 more to go

"All's Well that Ends Well" Shakespeare

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