Saturday, August 22, 2009

A girrafe, 2 sharks, 2 teddies and a beach resort

Yippedy do-dah...we had a great time celebrating Lynda's birthday at Tony Roma The Curve.

Remus, Nasser, me, Yvonne, Michelle, Nasser, Lynda (birthday gal), Rafeah and not to forget Mamma Me'A little helper Idlan.

Special request from Aznol & Nasser, made Chocolate Buttermilk 'Daim' stack cake. Used buttercream and crushed 'Daim' bars in the between the layers and decorated the top with a very special decor for birthday gal.

Beach themed and wicked!
To Bakerella, thanks for the inspiration : )

The cast
Broken leg Giraffe : Ms Lynda
Teddy no 1 : Aznol
Teddy no 2 : Nasser
Shark 1 : Lynda's pet
Shark 2 : Lynda's pet

Ms Giraffe had asked her two pets, Shark 1 and Shark 2 to gigit-gigit Teddy No 1 & Teddy No 2 who are having a great time mandi-manda together (FYI, these teddies love to make prank at people, very mischievous teddies)

pssttt : No animals were harmed during the shooting...hehehehe


Anonymous said...

knape takde tajuk??

Rose - Mamma Me'A said...

hehehe...terlupa...nak letak la ni